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Pet Ear Care

The inside of your pet’s ears should be odorless and pink in color. The Vellore Woods Veterinary Clinic and Pet Dental Centre staff carefully inspects every pet’s ears and will alert you to any apparent irritation or odor. We advise our customers to inspect their pet’s ears weekly at home.

Keeping the ears clean and healthy is a very important part of your pet’s overall well-being. In addition, many breeds grow excess fur in the ear canal. This is a perfect environment for bacteria growth that can cause infection and can be harmful to your pet.  

Pet Nail Care

Whether or not your pet receives regular grooming services, it is imperative that they have their nails checked and, if needed, trimmed once a month. Taking your pet for long, daily walks on rough surfaces, such as concrete, also helps to keep their nails at a manageable, harmless length.

The trimming of your pet’s nails is extremely important and should never be overlooked or neglected. Unattended nails can cause the toes to “splay”, or spread, which can be very painful for your pet. In addition, some pets have “dew claws”, (the nails located higher up on the leg) which must be trimmed regularly or they will curl around and pierce the skin.

Most pets find the trimming of their nails to be a very unpleasant experience. At Vellore Woods Veterinary Clinic, we take a very gentle approach to minimize their anxiety. In addition, we always keep a fresh supply of sharp nail clippers to minimize the pressure on the nail, making the process go more quickly and more importantly, pain free!

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