Vellore Woods Veterinary Clinic

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Vellore Woods Veterinary Clinic - Veterinarian in Vaughan, ON - Pet Dental Centre


I am currently studying to become a Veterinary Technician at Sheridan College. I have always loved animals and began horseback riding at the age of seven. I have done volunteer work with animals at CARD - the Community Association for Riding for the Disabled and the Brampton Animal Shelter. I love helping animals and I'm excited to make it my career.

Vellore Woods Veterinary Clinic - Veterinarian in Vaughan, ON - Pet Dental Centre


I have just graduated from the University of Toronto Life Sciences program. In the future I am planning on going to the University of Guelph to get my DVM & become a veterinarian. In addition to working at the clinic, I have a plethora of other animal related activities such as volunteering at the Toronto Wildlife Centre and the Vaughan Animal Shelter, amongst several others. 


I am currently in my second year of school studying to become a Registered Veterinary Technician at Seneca College. Helping animals has become a daily necessity in my life and I have felt that way from a young age. I absolutely adore animals, I am so excited to make helping animals a key part of my career



I am a graduate of the Biotechnology program at York University and pursuing postgraduate education and career in medical sciences. In addition to science is my love of animals. I always had dogs in my home growing up, so animals are a big part of my life and caring for them is like caring for my own family. Working at the clinic gives me the opportunity to share and experience both my passions.